Cable Franchise Agreements

In 2012, the NH Broadband Mapping & Planning Program (NHBMPP) completed a statewide inventory of municipal Cable Franchise Agreements. The results are presented below, in the form of a listing of the individual municipal agreements collected, and a summary table reporting common elements extracted from those individual documents.

By NH RSA 53-C, each community is required to enter into an agreement for access to cable and to establish terms for that access. These terms are recorded in the Cable Franchise Agreement (CFA). Access to cable is technically access to video distribution, but the reality of today's technology is that cable infrastructure also provides internet access.

Therefore, the CFA has implications for, but does not directly represent, internet access. Guidance for towns in the process of initiating or updating CFAs is sometimes provided through legal consultation, or from the New Hampshire Coalition for Community Media. However, many communities have few resources to draw upon when reviewing an agreement. We hope that the CFA inventory will serve as an additional reference for communities negotiating a CFA.

If your community has an updated CFA, we encourage you to submit it to the NHBMPP so that we may maintain an effective and timely resource for communities in New Hampshire.

The town and franchisee name columns below are sortable by clicking on the title.

Town Ending Year Duration Franchisee Namesort descending Filed Document Key details
Hudson 2022 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Hudson2012.pdf View CFA details
Croydon 2019 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Croydon_2009.pdf View CFA details
Greenfield 2004 15 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Greenfield_1989.pdf View CFA details
Litchfield 2021 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Litchfield.pdf View CFA details
Greenville 2018 0 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Greenville_1988.pdf View CFA details
Merrimack 2019 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Merrimack2009.pdf View CFA details
Hancock 2019 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Hancock_2009_Part_1.pdf View CFA details
Milford 2018 7 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Milford2012-11-09.pdf View CFA details
Rollinsford 2005 33 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Rollinsford_2004.pdf View CFA details
Hinsdale 2010 15 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Hinsdale_1995.pdf View CFA details
Nashua 2015 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Nashua2005-09-12.pdf View CFA details
Brentwood 2015 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Brentwood_2005.pdf View CFA details
Portsmouth 2018 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Portsmouth_2008.pdf View CFA details
Pelham 2021 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Pelham2011.pdf View CFA details
Exeter 2017 7 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Exeter_2010.pdf View CFA details
Rye 2016 5 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Rye_2011.pdf View CFA details
Auburn 2017 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Auburn_2017.pdf View CFA details
Jaffrey 2020 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Jaffrey_2010.pdf View CFA details
Allenstown 2015 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Allenstown_2005.pdf View CFA details
Fremont 2019 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Fremont_2009.pdf View CFA details
Salem 2012 7 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Salem_2005.PDF View CFA details
Bedford 2018 15 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Bedford_2003.pdf View CFA details
Boscawen 2015 5 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Boscawen_2010.pdf View CFA details
Greenland 2017 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Greenland_2007.pdf View CFA details
Windham 2018 0 Comcast View CFA details
Candia 2018 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Candia_2018.pdf View CFA details
Bow 2016 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Bow_2006.pdf View CFA details
Hampstead 2013 15 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Hampstead_1998.pdf View CFA details
Chester 2013 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Chester_2013.pdf View CFA details
Hampton Falls 2011 15 Comcast View CFA details
Kensington 2014 5 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Kensington_2009.pdf View CFA details
Derry 2019 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Derry_2019.pdf View CFA details
New Ipswich 2002 15 Comcast View CFA details
Chichester 2015 5 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Chichester_2010.pdf View CFA details
Newfields 2018 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Newfields_2008.pdf View CFA details
Goffstown 2011 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Goffstown_2011.pdf View CFA details
Peterborough 2019 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Peterborough_2009.pdf View CFA details
Concord 2015 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Concord_2005.pdf View CFA details
Newington 2018 10 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Newington_2008.pdf View CFA details
Hooksett 2012 8 Comcast PDF icon CFA_Hooksett_2012.pdf View CFA details